Doc Holiday’s was a western themed bar designed for the Carnival Holiday cruise ship. It featured a large central dance floor below an elevated band platform. A huge semi-circular full service bar, in the rear of the lounge, had two western saddles prominently mounted as barstools in the center of the bar.  This lively lounge’s decor contained numerous western motifs, such as planters with several varieties of cacti, river rock cladding installed on the back wall of the stage and the exterior window elevation, and steer skulls were mounted above back bar. The bar’s top, was surfaced with stained concrete and was embedded with antique western artifacts such as silver bullets, sheriff badges, coins, and even a few of  Miss Kitty’s “house” tokens.  For comfortable lounge seating, large arm chairs and rustic lodgepole settees were custom ordered from Jackson Hole Wyoming. These were all upholstered in combinations of leather, cowhides and woven blankets and were arranged in groups all along the starboard window wall.  The room’s carpet design was also a custom design utilizing southwestern native american blanket motifs.